Raison d’être in the Blogosphere

I blog to nudge myself to journal. I did conventional write-on-paper logging but I feel what I need is the urge to post and share. Here’s what I’d like to share here:

  • Reading list. Being a translator requires extensive vocabulary and writing skills in both (source and target) languages. While writing is an active skill, reading (a passive one) by all means is a great way to pick those up. I’m keen on fiction, particularly crime and mystery thriller, and a bit of romance. As much as I love to hold books and fill my bookshelf, the price gap between physical and electronic ones seems much more apparent than it should to my budget—I pick the latter, considering the practicality of taking frequent minute notes as well.
  • Exercise update. I know! I haven’t been constant in taking care of my physique. My longest streak of doing regular exercises, including recovery days, is 14 days. I usually do 2 to 3 exercises from Youtube, comprising warm-up (is this counted?), 10 to 15 mins of HIIT, and posture fixing. I did lose 10 pounds though—out of… many. So I was thinking that logging this strenuousnausea-inducing, but rewarding journey in this blog would help me maintain a longer streak.
  • A bit of my virtual life. Most of my coming of age years was consumed by several virtual worlds, strikingly shaping me into what I am now. I’m still active in one! It’s no secret that people have duality in their lives, right? Perhaps letting you peek inside, to another (sane) side of me wouldn’t hurt —well, I hope so!
  • What’s on my mind. Standard written views of events and life in general, just like other personal bloggers out there. I put this on the last of the list, not because it might be the least content I’ll write, but I just don’t know how to explicate more, haha.

Believe it or not, it took me a few hours to write this, mostly from checking the dictionary and thesaurus. By the next 6 months, a year, and beyond, I’d like to see my writing would’ve evolved and makes me proud of the achievements I’d have attained.

Prolog to 2020

Whenever New Year was just around the corner in the 2000s, I used to proclaim that I would miss the previous years, counting them backward. I expressed my burst of childish longing to Mom, pointing the last page of a calendar on the wall. She listened to my countdown, from that current year minus my age, and just laughed it off. Now that I think of it, maybe all I’d have wanted to say was I’d miss the days we spent together, making the most of my childhood.

When we were about to transition to the year 2010—new decade—I somehow felt peculiarly anxious, overwhelmed by the uncertainty that the shift in the third digit brought. Those guys in the TV ads, showering confetti and balloons, which of course including those notable “0” “1” and “2” ones, had been gnawing at the back of my mind for the rest of the night. I was 13. It was as if I was reaching a milestone but you just have no clue what it was. As if we were transcending to a whole different era… world… universe… In the end, we woke up to another usual day when the sun still rose to the sky, struggling to write the year date correctly.

Years went by, and I realized there are times I don’t want to go back to. Years I won’t ever repeat. God, those years of ignorance and naivete. And now we’re heading to 2020! I still feel freakish that now I’m in my young adulthood at the age of 23. But you know what, now I view the change of the decade as an extra opportunity to be grateful. I’m fortunate enough to witness another New Year celebration, resetting the final digit to zero. How I would spend the next decade or what I would face, surviving the kind of early adulthood, is what I do not know—just like the most of us.