Vocabulary Building #0

The first two or three years of my elementary schooldays began with a class namely “Vocabulary Building” at 7:30 AM. It was in English. We did have a separate “English” class, though. Come to think of it, I couldn’t precisely discern the difference between both classes.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to let you know that I’m dedicating myself to expand my vocabulary by posting those I learned. You see, I was contemplating about how I can improve my English. Aside from the grammar and stuff, I also aim for the vocab. I’ve never taken absorbing them seriously. So, last night I stumbled across an English learning website and there was this list of SAT vocab. You know what? I was awed that I don’t understand most of these f****rs. Due to this profound discovery, I’m reigniting my thirst for learning.

Basically, I’ll just write a bunch of newfound words then try to make some example sentences using them. I usually take the definition provided by Merriam-Webbster. For this premiere post, I’ll contribute one.

cusp (n.)
: POINT, APEX: such as
a point of transition (as from one historical period to the next) : TURNING POINT
also : EDGE, VERGE

Just when the cavalier was on the cusp of victory, the mage casted a bolt spell striking him.

It’s a little bit unimaginative but oh well.


We live in a world where no one asks whether we favor it or not.

Yuni Kristianingsih

This quote serves me as a reminder for myself. A reminder of every eventful things, happenstances or not, that has transpired and has been transpiring in my life. And a reminder that I am such a foolish man.

One day a reason came to me. A reason to stretch my arms and spread my wings further.

Then, hopelessness struck my life. I gradually lost the sense of that reason. I lost my faith and confidence.

So, I convinced myself to be satisfied only by make-believing. To believe that even if I never attain my wish, I am contented seeing others attain it as if their happiness were my own. To pretend that it is enough.

I let myself become over-dependent on it for a generous amount of time.

And at one beautiful afternoon God showed me how wrong it was. He showed me the grip of reality. That even (the) make-believing (I had been doing) was not permitted. Was not wise. That it was never meant to be salvific.

In the end, we don’t always get what we want no matter how entrenched our wishes are. But we have to keep moving on, don’t we?

The Hero’s Party On Their Way Back Home, An Afterthought

Synopsis: Countless heroes had ventured to defeat the Demon King, bringing back the world to its former peace. Alas, none of them had ever returned. One day, a party called The Heroes of the West set out to the Demon King’s castle. After their journey to confront the Demon King ended, they could finally go home and their mage Nina was leading the way.

This is a one-shot manga. Read it here!

Warning: Personal afterthought contains spoilers. Refrain yourself from reading further unless you finished reading the manga.

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Need Another Sleep

By the twilight, I awoke with a burning itch on my eyes. Sat upright on the bed, I raised one hand onto my face, rubbing my forehead with the fingers and my eyes with the ball of the thumb. A series of absurd dreams, I figured, exploited my threads of sleep, slipping between them. They were indeed peculiar but enveloped with a particular addicting desire. Hidden while ensnaring.

I laid my head back to the pillow, resting my vision for a little longer, hoping to alleviate the scorch. And between allowance and rejection did my desire lie for another dream.

A Pinch of Me: Apple Pie à la Mode

Apple pie has been my number one dessert (formerly cheesecake) ever since I discovered the divine combination of apples, sugar, and cinnamon. A scoop—I pursed my lips, smirked—of vanilla ice cream on top is mandatory for my palate. The crunch, the cold, the melt, and the sweet from the sugar and spice. Oh, and I love to have the top crust latticed.

That said, I’ll have the recipe of this dessert à la mode as a base to make a recipe of me. I’m definitely an apple pie for a dessert. As a disclaimer, I took the recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen and modified it to fit into who I am… give or take.

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